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Bankgiro 5421-6270

Swish 1234 33 84 06 (eller scanna QR-koden)

Månadsöverföringar (SEB) 5401 34 308 86

The chart shows how votes and mandates for the School Party focus party grow during the election campaign until the election day of September 11, 2022.


What is a Focus party?

You can cast a protest vote in a focus party. You can become a member of a focus party. You can — yourself — create a new focus party to address an urgent problem in society.

You cast your protest vote to show your dissatisfaction with the policies conducted. You deregister your selection of the party you chose in the 2018 election in favour of your new choice of a focus party in the upcoming 2022 election. Your party change can be seen in the chart above. And you live up to that change at the 2022 election!

Your choice of focus party shows what issue you consider to be the most important one. You also select competent people for Parliament who will prusue that issue.

As regards other issues, direct democracy applies: You vote internally in the focus party and decide how the party MPs are to vote in the Parliament in these other matters.

The Nix to the Six portal can also be used together with other like-minded to create other focus parties.

Why should the School Party be a Focus Party?

The electoral cooperation between several focus parties means that they rotate their candidates on a common ballot paper making it easier to pass the Parliament four per cent threshold. An internal electoral cooperation, here under the leadership of an umbrella party, is fully legal and also acts as as protection against external interference.

The chart shows when and by what margin all focus parties will be represented in Parliament. This creates a position of strength removing doubts about the situation and also makes opinion polls unnecessary.

With Nix to the Six – Democracy for real!